Top Tips for Caring for Color-Treated Hair

A new hairstyle and hair colour is a good way to convey your character and amp up things in life but nothing says”significant life change” just like a new hair colour project. If you have ever seen somebody with lovely, brightly colored hair walking, it is very likely that they have their perform done by a gifted team have decades of expertise working with a myriad of hair.

Asking your hairstylist for information on caring for the dye project is a wise move, because if you are likely to devote time and cash to obtaining such a gorgeous colour done, you are likely to need to be certain it lasts as long as you can. For those pastel, glowing, rainbow hair colours, it tends to be somewhat less susceptible to carrying on undesirable tones or tinges (unlike blonde highlights, by way of instance ) but it is recommended lots of steps that you may take to extend your colour.

Wait prior to washing

Do not shampoo your hair immediately after the hair colouring process (though if a hair’s on fleek, why do you?) . Rather, attempt to wait around for two days to enable the colour to place in and stabilized correctly.

Wash less frequently and using cold water

If you understand how the dye mechanism works, it is reasonable that you wipe out a bit of colour each time you shampoo your hair, so try to adhere into two to three times weekly at most. If you need to wash, please ensure that you lower down the temperature of the water. Warm water will expand and open up the hair cuticles causing the dyes to leak out. On the times when you opt not to shampoo your hair, hit for the dry shampoo.

Care and shield

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Dyeing your hair may dry out it and then take it of its natural oils, which subsequently makes your colour look less energetic. Hence, it is advisable to have a intense hair conditioning treatment at least once weekly to keep your hair shiny and healthier. For instance, Kerastase Singapore Serum Extentionitse is also an extremely concentrated firming serum with essential active ingredients that stimulate the development of strong, healthful hair follicles. Its non-greasy formula utilizes the ability of Ceramides to safeguard the scalp from environmental aggressors while energizing and stimulating roots. You could even think of employing a heat protectant spray prior to utilizing heat styling tools such as curlers or sprays.

Say no more to sulfates

The same holds for clarifying shampoos — essentially, the milder the pulp, the greater. On the other hand, the one time you need to use a clarifying shampoo would be the day prior to your next shade therapy, that will eliminate any oils and products buildup that may block the colour from penetrating your own hairfollicles.

After your dye is set up, hit for a shampoo that’s especially formulated for color-treated or highlighted hair. Our best option, Kerastase Bain Chromatique comes with an advanced formula that catches pigments from the fiber. Its chelators complicated struggles all colour enemies such as water contaminants, responsible for colour fading. The Kerastase product Singapore mentioned previously will also be available for sale, which means it is possible to keep your perform in your home.